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You are on the fundraising page of the UA Friends Charitable Foundation. We help the military, provide all the necessary civilians in hotspots, cooperate with hospitals and participate in the reconstruction of damaged places. All of this is solely at the expense of those who care. If you want to donate - choose a convenient way to make your transfer below.

Ways To Donate

In order to meet the varying interests of our donors below are buttons to different ways to donate. We hope you will find one that appeals to you. Every donation helps. We appreciate your support at whatever level is possible for you.

Your donation is a charitable contribution that is not subject to return.This contribution will be used for the main activities of the Charitable Foundation UAFriends.Thank you! Glory to Ukraine!

International SWIFT payment
Purpose of payment (important!)
Charitable donation
IBAN Code US Dollar
$ (USD) UA023052990000026004025030009
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€ (EUR) UA063052990000026005045030527
IBAN Code Ukrainian Hryvnia
₴ (UAH) UA693052990000026006045037604
CO "CF "UA Friends"
Company address
03113, Ukraine, Kyiv, Peremohy Ave., 62-B, off. 5
Information about the bank
Name of the bank
JSC CB "Privatbank", 1D Hrushevskoho Str., Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine
SWIFT code of the bank

miscellaneous 61 solid

You can choose one-time payment or consider a recurring donation to help us maintain critical ongoing care. A few payment methods are available:


About us

Friends are runners and triathletes, rock climbers, entrepreneurs and students, divers and swimmers, actors and musicians, doctors and scientists. We are from different cities and countries, of different ages and heights, united as never before in our intention to help the people and Ukraine.
Some of us defend, treat, feed, repair, and some - buy, distribute, deliver ...
Now we become different, better and we are not afraid of anything when in hand - 
the hand of a true Friend.
Now we are doing such incredible things that previously seemed impossible.
Join and become our Friend! Meet interesting people, help those who really need it, spread information and invite your friends!

About us